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Options if you have a ticket from the postponed 2020 North Shore Round Up:

1. Purchase a new ticket for the 2022 event should you consider the 2020 ticket a donation.
2. Exchange the 2020 ticket for admission to the 2022 North Shore Round Up. * no additional fee for price difference


* Photocopies/screen shots will NOT be accepted ONLY physical 2020 tickets are accepted for exchange.


Please email with any questions

Please note: The North Shore Round Up is self supporting. Ticket prices reflect the cost of putting on this event and is only made possible with the support of AA and Al-Anon members.
If you are able, we encourage the purchase of scholarship tickets for those AA members who may not otherwise be able to attend. Every year, we have a long list of attendees looking for scholarship tickets.

Thank you for your participation and continued support of the North Shore Round Up.

Tickets are available at most North Shore AA/AlAnon Meetings, Vancouver Intergroup Office or on-line via the PayPal Buy Now button below.

Tickets purchased on-line can be picked up at the event at the PayPal Ticket table.

Would you like to make a donation to the North Shore Round Up?

Click on the Donate Button or scan the QR Code on your phone.