July 28, 2020 Update
Hello Friends and Fellows!
My apologies for the long time with no update.
What a strange year this has been. It has been hard on all of us I am sure. We truly appreciate your patience as we were unable to schedule any in person ticket refund through early June, and a since then work and  life has gotten in the way.
We are currently working out the details and may schedule group refund days/times at central locations, or do one-off refund appointments, depending on the demand.
**As previously stated, all ticket purchasers may hold their tickets and exchange them for entry at the 2021 round up if they prefer.
In order to schedule a refund date/time, please contact and advise how many tickets you have to refund, to make arrangements.
In Love and Service,
Sue B
Chair, 2021

North Shore Round Up

One of the largest Alcoholics Anonymous Round Up’s in Western Canada with Al-Anon Participation

The speakers

North Shore Round Up Poster 2020