2018 Committee

ChairKirsten M.Tuesday West Vancouver
Al-Anon ChairCurtis E.Monday Steps To Serenity
Al-Anon Co-ChairCeleste W.Healing Hearts for Women
Al Anon Greeter Co-ChairDan J.Monday Steps to Serenity
SecretaryLori S.---
TreasurerLea S.Divine Deliverance
Treasurer Co-ChairCarmen B.Tuesday West Van
Tickets ChairSue B.Tuesday West Vancouver
Tickets Co-ChairDeanna S.---
Entertainment ChairPaul G.Tuesday West Vancouver
Communications ChairPamela S.Tuesday West Vancouver
Communications Co-ChairRahima R.Deep Cove
Hospitality ChairBrenda M.---
Hospitality Co-ChairElena H.---
Topics ChairCindy S.---
Topics Co-ChairChristine P.---
Registration ChairDaniel M.---
Registration Co-ChairNate M.---
Greeter ChairLinder W.Monday Night West Vancouver
Greeter Co-ChairTomi H.Monday Night West Vancouver
Literature ChairNancy T.---
Literature Co-ChairMark H.---
Reserved Seating ChairJason L.---
Reserved Seating Co-ChairNate M.Divine Deliverance
Host/Security ChairDanyon W.Tuesday West Vancouver
Host/Security Co-ChairAbby S.---
District Liaison ChairMike L.---
Decorations & Signage ChairAmanda B.---
Decorations & Signage Co-ChairLaura V.---
Past ChairNate O.Tuesday West Vancouver